Digital Marketing Seminar and Workshop

RUBEN LICERA is the Founder and CEO of ESTRAT Media Global, technopreneur and one of the respected Digital Marketing Expert and Speaker from Cebu, Philippines.
Ruben Licera started his digital marketing career right after his intensive training provided by the Centre for the Promotions of Imports (CBI) in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He first implemented his strategy in a non-profit. He successfully explored more about the topic and brought success to his corporate job as the de-facto digital marketing strategist of an international resort.

ESTRAT MEDIA GLOBAL, his company is still actively providing remote digital marketing services to around a dozen companies based in the US, Australia, Canada Europe and the Philippines.


Passion to Profit

What’s your passion? What ticks you? You might have known it already, but can it sustain you? My goal is to enlighten you of your true WHY and help you create model where you become more than sustainable financially while helping others. I love community work, but can your current status sustain it? I did, so can others too.

Startup and Virtualpreneurship

A late bloomer in entrepreneurship, Ruben started his business with Php 20,000.00 in 2010 and has able to grow it as a seven figure business with 3 profit centers manned by 12-fulltime employees and catering to more than a dozen clients in 6 continents. And he is working almost 2-hours per day. His office? Anywhere (with internet).

Youth Servant Leadership

Leaders may be born, but effective leaders are breed. Ruben’s leadership and management skills were honed while serving as community servant leader of religious and grassroots organizations. His latest community work is involved with activating the Google Developers Group community in Cebu, Philippines where he was recognized as one of the most active community manager, and for initiating Google Mapping efforts in relations to Supertyphoon Haiyan and the Cebu-Bohol Earthquake.

Purposeful and Profitable Blogging

Ruben started from scratch when he began bloggin in 2004. He constantly failed in blogging, until in 2010, he discovered a simple strategy on how to make his passion be the root of his profitable blogging career. Ruben Licera has powered his blogs to become attraction tools to prospect clients by using this 8-Step ProBlogging Success Strategy. He has not only received awards for blogging, Ruben is also considered as a thought leader in the Philippines.

Effective Digital Marketing for Businesses

While others just show you the basics, we take you by the hand and assist you in ensuring that we both understand our ROI metrics. More than learning what it is and what strategies are to be implemented, every business owner is interested in getting sales and leads in the shortest time possible.

Personal Wealth and Financial Management

Ruben Licera was dead broke at 30, and he can understand the dilemma of having a high-paying job but no savings or income. Much more, on the same year he was fatally hospitalised twice. With the help of the right mentors, Ruben Licera continues to build his wealth, reach his dreams and LIVE THE GREAT LIFE.