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IdeaSpace National Competition Finals Live Blogging

Live Blogging: IdeaSpace 2013 National Competition Finals

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This blog post will provide you exclusive details on the final judging of the first ever IdeaSpace National competition on April 5, 2013 at the First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo City, Rizal.

IdeaSpace National Competition Finalists:

In my previous article titled: IdeaSpace National Competition Finals Top 20 and the Final Round, I have identified the Top 20 finalist.

The judges of the National Competition includes Manuel V Pangilinan, Mr. Doy Vea, Google Country Manager Johan Sergengen.

IdeaSpace.Ph Founder Earl Valencia shared his excitement as the first national competition.

First Presentor is SafeCab. Keith Lumanog and team aims to provide app solution for commuters wish to have clean, secured and courteous taxi drivers.

AgriCulture Technologies is developing a product that will provide assistance the fisheries sector which is a 237 Billion sector. This will assist the aquaculture business in  solving problem on Fish Kill and ensure high harvest yeild.

Tech4Health aims to provide assistance to users to provide simple, accessible and inexpensive for Diabetes patients. All you need is a mobile phone and a Glucose monitoring gadget. It is sent to a database and the system provides status, reports and compliance.

MiCab solves the problem of long hours of waiting for taxi cab. This a smartphone booking app that works with or without internet. It upgrades the traditional radio dispatching system. Solving taxi problem one fleet at a time. is a medical app that stores the medical history of a patient.

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Live blogging straight from #ideaspaceph National Competition Finals in Antipolo. I’m with @dulcelada @sirvincentph and @bariles


Pinoy Travel Online is now presenting.It is an online booking system selling convenience and peace of mind #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality


Pinoy Online Travel is now being questioned by the board of judges chaired by MVP @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers


PinoyTravel  concept is a good concept according to MVP.


Now Presenting is FindmyDok from Davao City. #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


FindMyDok provides a detail provide of the doctors for the patients but a limited feature to the public. #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


FindmyDok aims to have a general doctors profile platform and will expand to other profession #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Team CornerData is now presenting #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Team CorNerData allows sensor to gather data that can be used by third party developers. #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Tudlo from Cebu is now presenting. #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Tudlo provides stored information to help people on how to  implement and assist groups in addressing calamities and emergencies and will benefit everyone.  #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Tudlo is tapping the digital content industry of USD 7.76B  and had alreadY tapped schools and other institutions #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Tudlo Teaches. Guides. Posts  #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Prodigo is a precision marketing platform for merchants to advertise their business to target groups of target clients #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Prodigo integrates social media + transactiono data + and target customers analytics to provide the merchants the specific, customized, real-time and localized campaigns #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Prodigo’s aim is to provide high yield per ad #ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares

15.55 provides opportunity to the 127,000 graduates every year in the Philippines #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares

15.58 aims to power the Philippine Creative Economy. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares

16.01 also aims to boost the freelancing economy of the Philippines. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


DateCola is now pitching the newest possible healthly cola in the market. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Date Cola believes that their products is very sustainable. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Dates Cola is confident that their original process of producing drinks that is mineralized. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


WEGEN is now pitching and aims to solve the electricity problem in the Philippines with Wind Turbine energy  #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Wegen’s wind turbine will rely on strong wind availability and can provide users cost savings, quick payback for customers and ability to shorten payback #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Wegen is a team composed of students from Sorsogon. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Time Free  Innovations is now pitching. This solution will provide a virtual queieng systems with text notification system. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


TimeFree Innovation is similar to “Wait No More” startup concept presented in the first Startup Weekend in Cebu. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


TimeFree is from Zamboanga and aims to “empower people to celebrate life.” #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


SUMMARIZE AND PLR (www.sumplr) is now presenting. It is a web service and mobile app. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Sumplr is customized according to your need #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Break for 5 minutes. 5 more finalist to go. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Now on the last 5 participants. Number 16th presentor is ArmTech #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


ARM Tech is Advanced Researches and Methodologies Technologies that aims to provide affordable clean and safe water #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


ARM Tech in invented by Reinell Cunanan. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


ARM Tech is showing their products. Initial product price would range around Php 999.00 . Stage 1 is for basic water purification without heavy metal contamination. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


DepEd SMART Cloud will address and assists teachers in managing the educational system. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


DepEd SMART cloud will provide smarter school system for smarter education #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Last finalist is PGRS  #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


PGRS  (Power Generating Rumble Strips) is another source of alternative energy and can provide electricity #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


PGRS does not burn fossil fuel and will only use exiting roads in cooperation with stakeholders. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


PGRS can save 3M in cost and can help the environment since this produce clean energy. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Lost Meets Found is from Cebu and is the 20th finalist. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


If you lost things, pet or people. Lost Meets Found. First hope for recovering things you lost. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


AsiaFit Total Joint Implant is an added finalist of  #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Joint replacement is a Php 8.8 Billion Health care industry #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


MIRAND, the developer of knee joint implant, will target doctors and patients and will be more affordable than the traditional 4-part knee joint implant #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcare


Rene C. Catan, one of the inventor of the 2-part knee joint system, is an orthopaedic surgeon. #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


Before the surgery, MIRAND provides a template that will be designed according to the personal sizes of  knee cap implants #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


15 minutes break for the judges to consolidate and finalize the TOP 10 FINALIST of this years #ideaspaceph national competition @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers


Winners of this #ideaspaceph will have a chance to be incubated in Metro Manila with a premier address, mentored by MVP Groups world-class executives #ideastoreality @cebubloggers


NOW SHOWING: A four-MINUTE video tribute to the Top 20 group finalist #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


And the venue is filled with tension as the crowd awaits the top 10 winners #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


PRODIGO is the first of the top 10 #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


DATE COLA is the second of 10 to receive half a million pesos of scholarship #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


3rd in the list is ARM TEch #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


PGRS is the 4th incubatee #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


TIMEFREE is the 5th incubatee  #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares

18.24 is the 6th spot #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


The 7th place is PINOY TRAVEL #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


the 7th slot goes to: WEGEN #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


The 8th spot:  MIRAND #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares


1Oth Spot: TECH4HEALTH #ideaspaceph @ideaspaceph #ideastoreality @cebubloggers @smartcares



This is the list of the questions that I was able to capture during the five-minute question and answer portion. Just a disclaimer, this is not a complete list or the verbatim question from the judges. This is based on what I was able to capture as the event progress.


  • How do you scale you your business?
  • How do you ensure the safety? Who assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the pomised solutions are served?


  • Can the fishpond owners and operators afford it?
  • Do you have formula for the different fish requirements per specific fishpond?
  • Does your system has the ability to aggregate data?


  • Why not develop a device that is complete and does not rely to another outside tool like glucose monitoring device?
  • Symptoms is critical in diagonosing clients. Who will diagnose? Who will ensure that
  • How do you get this to the critical mass directly? Do you have a better way of getting it across quickly? Quick adoption by users directly?


  • Please register your trademark


  • What are your triggers


  • Replicate what are the airlines company is doing
  • What are you selling: seats or standing space?


  • Do you have sample gathered data.
  • How can you prevent this technology gadgets security and protection
  • What is your proof concept?
  • How can you scale in realizing your goals.


  • Do you have sample gathered data.
  • The tool can be warning for Typhoon warnings
  • The challenge will be if you have the manpower in educating people in the usage of the app.
  • Information is updated as soon as it becomes available.


  • What will be your comparative advantage against the competition?


  • You can register at the local IPO and then have it registered and protected in 86 countries and can be done in 4 months.
  • What is stopping your competitors in taking Dates as a good product?


  • The product should be patented earlier


  • Where will be the CAPEX used for?


  • What is its difference to RSS


  • What makes your idea different from the competition?


  • Is the product limited to DepEd only?


  • Review the Anti-Fencing Law
  • What is your SAFEZONE partners protection against the law?



After months of waiting, here are the list of  TOP 10 WINNERS of this years IDEASPACE NATIONAL COMPETITION FINALS:

  3. ARM TEch
  4. PGRS
  8. WEGEN
  9. MIRAND 

Megaworld doubles “The Mactan Newtown” investment to P20-B

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The Mactan Newtown

LAPU LAPU CITY, CEBU, FEBRUARY 20, 2013 — Real estate giant Megaworld is investing P20-billion within the next five to seven years for its more than 20-hectare township development, The Mactan Newtown. Megaworld Chairman and CEO Andrew L. Tan made the announcement during the project’s formal inauguration witnessed by no less than President Benigno S. Aquino III.

“In the next five to seven years, we are investing 20 billion pesos in this township to build luxury residential condominiums, office towers, a world-class lifestyle mall, our very own Richmonde Hotel and soon – a sports and leisure facility,” said Tan.

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Startup Labs and IdeaSpace Partnership Supports Pinoy Technopreneurs

Startup Labs and IdeaSpace Partnership supports Pinoy Technopreneurs

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StartupLabs - Home

Good news Pinoy Startups!

Filipinos are again given another opportunity to excel globally with the entrance of a respected global co-investment program for tech startups that focuses on emergin markets – Startup Labs.

In the Philippines, their exclusive partner is IdeaSpace  with Siermer & Associates, ICCP Venture Partners and other angel investors are also investment partners. The program is now open to all interested applicants until January 20. Pitching sessions with the angel investors will be on February 20. Read More


Cebu Bloggers Initiates World Blogathon

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World Blogathon 2012

Every year, my society celebrates thanksgiving by offering services and visiting communities. This year, we are taking another leap in serving community by focusing on our common strenght – PASSION for BLOGGING.

World Blogathon is an activity organized by Cebu Bloggers Society that aims to promote advocacies supported by the society.

For its first run, we will be highlighting 10 organizations as prepared by our Outreach Committee headed by Jaysee Pingkian.

I will update the content of the blog post as soon as the final event guidelines and details are available.

P.S. Thank you Jaysee for the artwork.

John Calub

Money Magnet Cebu Seminar

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John Calub Money Magnet Seminar

John Calub’s Seminars in Metro Manila is attended by thousands.

Do you want to discover the ultimate secret to unlimited wealth?  Join the Money Magnet Cebu Seminar.

The Philippines’ number one motivational coach and and success speaker John Calub, is coming back to Cebu this September 8, 2012 (Saturday) to conduct his life-changing course entitled HOW TO BECOME A MONEY MAGNET, a whole-day training workshop that will teach you how to become a multi-millionaire in lightning-like speed by using the most powerful money management system in the world.

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Google Mapping Summit 2012 Shirt

Google Map Makers: Mapping the Future Together

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Eulogio M. Empio

Statistician Eulogio M. Empio is a Statistician by profession and a team member of the City Planning and Development Office of Silay.

Eulogio Empio was just another government staff, not until you have seen how his Google mapping hobby that he does once a week, of maximum of one hour per session, has helped Silay City.

A graduate of business management and a statistician by profession, Mr. Empio has turned his hobby into a personal advocacy to advance the City Development Planning Office.

Mr. Empio was one of the main speakers of the Philippines Map Makers Summit – Visayas Leg, where around 70 map makers from the Visayas gathered at University of St. La Salle, Bacolod on April 12 to be updated with the latest developments on the Google mapping innovations.

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), provided the wireless broadband connectivity for the major legs of the event.

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Ruben Licera Klout Score on April 1, 2012

Measure Your Online Influence via Klout

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Ruben Licera Klout Score on April 1, 2012

While waiting for my flight back home, I opened my pc to check some emails and add some  tasks at my “TO DO LIST” for next week. One of the first tabs that was opened to me was With a huge smile, I said to myself, “Yahoo! my klout score of 64!”

Whats the big deal?

Klout, like any other social metric and tools, provides an online influence score based on the variables from your personal social media accounts (to mention: facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube and etc.)

What is your Klout?

In simpliest term, klout is defined by “influence, power or pull.”

However when you replace “c” with “k”, it refers to the online tool that provides score based on your influence to drive action connecting all your social media accounts – Klout.

Unknown to most, and understood by social media strategists, any content and engagement you create on your social media accounts are well recorded in Klout. Read More

Sony Smartphones on the move…

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Sony Ericsson to Sony Mobile

Minutes ago, this exciting development was emailed to me by Steve Walker, the chief marketing officer of Sony Mobile Communications.

And yes, you heard it right.

Sony Ericsson has become Sony Mobile Communications. This means that the well loved smart phone mobile brand is now fully owned by Sony and integrated under the Sony Brand.

The smartphone just got smarter

The change brings in new blood to the future of Sony’s mobile brands. With easy connectivity between your smartphone and other devices you’ll now be able to enjoy content on whichever screen suits you best whether it’s a TV, smartphone, laptop or tablet. Plus now with access to the biggest and best entertainment experiences from the Sony Entertainment Network, you can listen to millions of songs, watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows and play high quality smartphone games.

Introducing the Xperia™ NXT series – next generation smartphones from Sony

New Sony Xperia SThe Sony Xperia™ S is the ultimate HD smartphone that lets you watch movies in razor sharp clarity on an HD Reality Display, create full HD videos and play great games in HD on this PlayStation® Certified smartphone. And with easy HDMI connectivity, you can show off all of your content on your TV.

New Sony Xperia PThe Sony Xperia™ P offers an outstanding combination of screen brightness and power-efficient viewing, thanks to Sony’s unique White Magic display technology so you can watch the latest movies, TV shows and videos on the brightest screen wherever you are. And with the 8MP fast capture camera that goes from sleep to snap in just over a second with a single key press, you’ll never miss a moment.

New Sony Xperia UXperia™ U packs powerful Sony entertainment into a stylish and compact design. Listen to all your music in crisp and loud sound with powerful performance from a dual core processor and make Xperia™ U yours with exchangeable colour caps for a vibrant personal touch.

This is purely Sony on the move. As a brand under a mighty brand, these upcoming Sony smartphones becomes a irrestible contemporary lifestyle gadgets.

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