An effective article marketing campaign is the bread and butter of every budding Internet marketing campaigns these days. Effective articles help sell products and services, and they also help in getting a website found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. By carrying out a good article marketing strategy, you’ll guarantee success to whatever online business endeavor that you decide to take on.

But what are the elements of an effective article intended for use as an online marketing strategy?

First, at the top of the list is the importance of making your articles relevant to what your intended audience are looking for. That is why it is of paramount importance to first do your own keyword research. You article should specifically cater to specific keywords and serve the needs that relate to that keyword for which your article is optimizing.

However, it is not enough to know what keyword your article should be optimizing for. Effective article marketing entails using smart strategies that will surely enable you to pull in very targeted readers. There’s no point in vying for a very competitive keyword where the number of competing websites are in the millions but the number of people searching using the specific keyword is only in the hundreds per month.

To make your article marketing strategy more effective, look for keywords that have a good amount of searches per month but that have very little competition to compete with.

If you are writing for the article directories, it’s best to write articles that are around 500 words in length. Remember, Google loves content, and they even love articles that have substantial amounts of words to work with. So be sure to make your articles around 500 words long.

Make your articles highly informative and always be sure to not only write for the search engines, but write to solve people’s specific problems. So if you’re writing around the keywords “how to write effectively” be sure to really write stuff that helps your readers get valuable tips to improve their writing.

Here’s another set bonus tips to carrying out an effective article marketing strategy; remember to write your articles using the Why, What, How and What if fashion. Here’s how:

  • The beginning of your article must explain why they should care about reading your article. What does your article promise? What would they gain out of it? What would happen to them if they don’t read your article or do the stuff that your article is saying that they should do?

  • The next part should tell what your idea is all about. It should tell them a bit more background about your concept of idea.

  • The “How” part tells them the step-by-step method of doing exactly your concept to achieve the result that they are looking for.

  • The “What if” part tells your readers to take action immediately.

Remember, an effective article marketing strategy is one that not only informs the readers, but one that also compels them to read on and take action immediately to solve whatever problem that they are searching solutions for.

 Posted on : June 11, 2011

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