What is Professional Blogging?

Right off the bat, professional blogging (also known as “problogging“) is blogging to get paid or blogging as a means of living. In its infancy the thought of monetizing a blog was a distant idea, but as more and more individuals caught on the idea of making money out of blogging, business blogging and problogging was born.

It’s a tricky business really. Not all people are endowed to write wittingly on topics that interest them. Probloggers (shortcut term for professional bloggers), on the other hand, boast of vast personal experiences that enable them to write about their passions in a very compelling way. The thing about blogging for money really is not how well you write, although it’s a huge factor, but primary to being successful in the world of professional blogging is to be consistent and to be able to follow through with ideas.

Also, one of the keys to blogging successfully if you are to take on blogging as a profession is to be able to write compellingly. Search Engine Optimization, without a doubt, helps your blog get visible on the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, but compelling content is what really pulls in tons of traffic, because unless you can pull off a very interesting topic that solves problems, entertains and gives pleasure, your content will just end up being one of those regular topics that merely scrape by or are written just for the sake of being written.

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, blogging also plays a vital role. It creates backlinks to sites for which a certain content is written. If a blog is authoritative enough or has a respectable pagerank, links coming from it would have a significant impact on the blog to which it is pointing.

Sure, lots of people these days are making a decent (some ridiculous) income off blogging. Some reported that they are able to pull in 6 figures in annual income. Yet some merely scrape by.

But how does one make money off professional blogging?

If you are to venture into problogging, the most crucial thing to do first is to find out what interests you? Finding your interest or passion and digging deeper to find out what you can really write about with great passion everyday is fundamental to blogging success. Take stock of yourself and find out what you’re most knowledgeable about. List down all the topics that relate to your interest and write at least 300 words for each everyday.

Developing a vast number of readerships is also essential if you are to become a professional blogger. That is why one of the constant things that a successful problogger does is to promote his blog to readers who are readily interested in what he has to say. There are lots of ways that a professional blogger can easily promote his blog to a vast number of followers.

Utilizing SEO is one, which enables his blog to get found via the search engines. Setting up social media profiles such as on Facebook that link to his blog is also another easy way of promoting a blog.

This can’t be stressed enough, but really, the key to becoming successful in professional blogging is by doing stuff you love most on a constant basis. Be constant enough and you’ll find that one day, you’ve become a blogging superstar.

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 Posted on : February 11, 2011

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