Launching a Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

We get tons of questions from newbie Internet marketers that all commonly boil down to “What is affiliate marketing?” Nothing can be more lucrative than selling your own products. However, if you can’t come up with a gainful product of your own, you can always sell other people’s stuff and still make boat loads of money, and that’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

As a newbie, there are lots of affiliate marketing tools and you can find tons of resources that will teach you an effective affiliate marketing plan to guide you on your way. But being a newbie, it’s natural to be skeptical at some point. Your thought could be begging the question, “Could one really make lots of money with affiliate marketing?”

The answer is a resounding “yes”. Take the case of wealthy super affiliate Rosalind Gardner. Gardner has been one of the pillars of affiliate marketing who started promoting dating sites since the 1990s. She had no business experience whatsoever, yet she had amassed a $500,000 per year in income selling other people’s stuff.

These days, Gardner is devoting much of her time teaching people and giving them clear-cut answers to the question “what is affiliate marketing?”

Affiliate marketing is indeed a very lucrative Internet marketing strategy for those who are looking to earn money even without a product of their own to sell. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that with free affiliate marketing tools, it’s extremely inexpensive to run. In fact, you can run your own affiliate marketing campaign even with only $30 to start with.

So how do you start with affiliate marketing?

Start by determining what your deepest passions are? What are you most interested in? Nothing sells like enthusiasm, and you can only be enthusiastic about something if it is inline with your interests and passions. To find out if something is truly sustainable for you, if you find a product that you think you can promote, ask yourself if it is something that you won’t get tired of promoting, even if you talk about it everyday.

The next step would be to find the specific product to promote. You can easily find tons of products to promote by signing up with some of the most popular and reliable affiliate marketing networks.

CommisionJunction, LinkShare and ShareASale are some of the more preferred affiliate marketing networks by top affiliate marketers. In fact, most of the successful affiliate marketers swear by these popular affiliate networks. Google also has its own affiliate network with thousands of merchants to choose from across all categories.
Signing up as an affiliate with CommissionJunction, LinkShare and ShareASale is totally free. All you need is a website or a strategy for promoting certain products. If you don’t have a website yet, you can start by creating a blog by using Google’s Blogger (Blogspot) or by creating mini-sites using or where you can promote your affiliate products.

Launching an affiliate marketing campaign could be hard at first, especially if you are promoting a very competitive product. In fact, top affiliate marketers didn’t see even a single cent of commission until their campaign’s sixth month. The key to running a successful affiliate marketing campaign is to be persistent and consistent.

 Posted on : May 26, 2011

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