Effective copywriting is sort of a holy grail for many online marketers. It’s true that everyone who uses an ample amount of his brain could pull off a nice article or two, but coming up with a compelling or highly effective copy is something that can be compared to an elusive dream. In reality, effective article writing and copywriting is easy, if you also put your heart into it.

What is copywriting, anyway? How is it different from article marketing?

Copywriting is writing for the sole purpose of promoting a person, a product, a business or a cause. It’s all about writing a piece that compels people to take action. A powerful or effective copywriting piece gets people to buy stuff, support a cause and subscribe to a service. Anything piece of article or blog post that powerfully get people to take action is an effective copy.

Article marketing, on the other hand, is all about writing a piece that informs people, rather than gets them to take action. Company XYZ, a company that specializes in manufacturing an anti-virus software, for example, could write an article on how to effectively safeguard a computer against a recurring computer virus threat. XYZ’s article merely educates people on the benefit using an anti-virus software without directly promoting their products.

So what are the secrets to writing an effective copy?

Secret #1 – I suppose this one should come as a first; to come up with an effective copywriting piece, read samples of powerful copywriting materials voraciously! Nothing can be farther from the truth, getting a role model is the most effective means of becoming an expert yourself. In terms of becoming a great copywriter, you can read a lot about David Oglvy or you can follow CopyBlogger.com and devour all the stuff that they have on writing an effective copy.

Secret #2 – Always start with a compelling headline. The headline will tell people all about the stuff that you are going to promote, and it effectively pulls them in to read your copy some more. However, keep in mind that headlines are supposed to be short, so be sure to follow the formula below when writing a compelling headline:

  • Urgent – Your headline must exude with a sense of urgency that lets people feel like there’s not tomorrow;
  • Useful – Your headline must satisfy a need that your audience is dying to look for a solution;
  • Unique – Your headline must be like nothing else. What sets it apart from all the copy headlines out there?
  • Ultra-specific – Your headline must very specifically cater to very specific needs

Consider this headline:

“For a Limited Time Offer! Find Out What People are Saying About Our Revolutionary New Article Spinner that Lets You Create Hundreds of Articles Out of Your Existing Piece.”

Secret #3 – The body of your copy must deliver on the promise of the headline. Don’t dupe your readers by having them beat around the bush. The body of your copy must always keep them interested and must show them right away how your product or whatever you are promoting will very specifically be of great advantage to them.

Secret #4 – An effective marketing piece closes by actually asking the reader to buy the product or take action right away. Without asking the readers to take action, you’re simply informing them about how cool your products or services are.

There you have it, the secrets to effective copywriting. Just remember to learn from the masters and try to incorporate as much as you can into your own writing style and you will be on your way to becoming an expert yourself.



 Posted on : June 11, 2011

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