In a wired world everything happens so fast. And after months of  studying and researching, it dawn on  me that I had missed real writing the “real story”. I just realized how my life had changed after a May incident after which everything unfolded so fast beyond my wildest imagination.

Everyone who knows me clearly can attest to what has happened in less than 10 months. In no particular order, I quit my financially stable 8-hour 6-day job in a world-class resort, has been hospitalized for three 3 times and had undergone two surgeries aside from the other events that I tagged “extra curricular activities”. Life just keeps on surprising me.

Anyone who met me finds it intriguing how can all of this things happened so fast. They say they were sorry for me but I tend to reject them saying, “These are gifts.”

Why? A gift is something that you may or may not have asked but bestowed.

I checked an online Free Dictionary, and it says “Gift is something given; a present.” If we believe that God is with us, I believe that he sees and bestows what we need.

This may be a bit heavy for others, but you yourself can attest that things happen because they need to happen. You may not be able to unviel the wisdom of this thought but you will marvel on how His Almighty unfolds everything for you and for others in the coming days.

Imagine this, if I didn’t quit my financially stable 8-hour 6-day job, I wouldn’t have a 6-digit income generating online business and own a fully-furnished house.

If I hadn’t been through two surgical procedures, my life might have ended months back and it’s a waste knowing that there are things that I still need to do for others and for my Gods glory.

Being hospitalized is another thing. Getting into the process of preparing for surgery or staying in a hospital bed puts me to rest to think and see things clearly that there is a dot that connects this all.

If I had been with my pasts, I wouldn’t recognize how loving is my Tatay, how strong is my Nanay, how patient is my ate, how giving is my brother, what are VAnvan’s gifts, how “gifted” are my sisters in their crafts, how true that kids can take your stress away with my nephew and nice, how sure I am with my feelings for my special someone and how lucky I am to have few true friends beyond the borders of the organizations I have been with.

More than this, things happen because they NEED to happen. Not because you want them to happen, but because they will test the “real you”  that will somehow shape your future and the others who is connected to your life.

10 months ago I stopped complaining about life. It is the same month that I came to know the real “born genius” that I have inside.

The things that had happened mattered to who I am now. And, for all of these things, ” I thank my Almighty Father.”

LIFE IS A GIFT. Cherish it. “Thank You” El Roi (You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees).

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