Link your facebook page to twitter

You don't need to pay someone to link your Facebook to your twitter and vice versa.

All you need to have is the common sense of searching it via Facebook Tutorials or Twitters counter part. What is nice about this feature is that it allows  both sites to automatically update your status as soon as you have updated your account either via Twitter or Facebook.

For your easy reference, I have listed here the links where you can instantly learn all the steps you need to know:

  • Twitter’s official page on how to add Twitter to Facebook. The Twitter app for Facebook links Twitter into your Facebook account.
  • You can also use this Twitter Facebook Application for your site. Just ensure that you have read the details about the tools and how to effectively use it.
  • The Facebook application Selective Tweets lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter. The advantage of using this is that you can choose which tweets you want published. All you need to do is  end a tweet with #fb when you want to post it as your Facebook status. Pretty easy isn't it?
  • Want to connect your Facebook Page to your Twitter Account? The highlighted link is what you need to visit.

Link your Facebook account now and become an instant Social Media Manager at no extra cost.

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