Quality Content is King

Quality Content is King

An old internet marketing adage "Content is king." is still very true. However, I want this to be more timely correct: "Quality content is King."

I am amazed how some so called internet article marketers do their thing. They get the content of the article of the blog they are targeting, spin it up to 60% variation and distribute it to a list of social media sites that accepts document postings like Facebook, multiply, and another hundred of other article submission and press release submission sites.

Does this really work? Yes it does. But it doesn't really do good to your websites and your article marketing campaign.

Try spinning an article. After that, read the article and tell me straight in the eye that this is the quality of article that you want your websites/blogs be associated to? Do you?

Article spinning, 95% of the time spits trash articles. I know this because I have used Editors will rewrite them and rewrite them until quality work is achieved. But the fact is, it is still a spunned article.

Don't you think that a thousand Google algorithm experts cannot detect duplicated articles so that the Gooogle system can give you high PageRank for your output? Do you think that the Google system cannot detect that the same article is distributed all over the social media or article submission to some extent of uniqueness?

I know that article spinning does not work that well because it is just simply adding trash documents to the web. I don't claim that I am a good writer, but at least I don't add trash to the web to improve some other sites ranking. For sure Google is also updated on ways they can detect original content so that proper authority links can be attributed to sites with quality content.

"Yes, it worked for us." Maybe, but not for long. Trash content is trash content. It will be not for long when Googles will penalize you for dumping trash content in the web by taking all your PR's you have or place your website in "sandbox."

Will you still wait fort that time to happen? I say, "Go for original articles and original content."

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Ruben Licera Jr is a blogger-technopreneur who is also an advocate of citizen journalism and social media responsibility. Mr. Licera is currently involved with Google Developers Group - Cebu (Community Manager), Cebu Bloggers Society (President) and iNewMedia.org (Founder).   Ruben is also the founder and Managing Director of RLCOMM INTERNATIONAL - a boutique internet marketing solutions company based in Cebu with clients currently serving from United States, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.   He currently resides in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines with her lovely wife Iren and baby boy Thirdy.

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