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PayITForward Cebu Program and Speakers

#PayITFwd: Reward for Good Deeds

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In December 2013, I initiated a campaign similar to PayItFwd. The social media campaign was titled World Blogathon.

The said campaign aims to highlight community heroes by providing them a time to present their advocacies to Cebu Bloggers. In return for their presence, these bloggers committed their time to blog and feature these individuals and organizations worthy causes.

Fast forward, July 5, 2013, SMART Communications contacted me for the launch of its #PayITFwd Campaign. This campaign not only provides an avenue for organizations and individuals to pitch and be heard by the social media influencers. This event will also provide them an avenue to scale up their advocacies with the support and resources that SMART Communications is offering.

PayItFwd Cebu Launch

The event is more or less a collaboration with SMART. In a gist, Cebu Bloggers believes in the cause and therefore it is worthwhile to support it.

Hosted by Foodiecraft Blogger Mary Angeli Bas and Cebu Bloggers VP Bjorn Bernales, the event highlighted five worthwhile talks from real-deal community leaders and volunteers.


PayItFwd Cebu Speakers

PayITForward Cebu Program and Speakers

Speaker 1: Joselito “Boboi” Costas
A writer and an advocate of sustainable and community-based and grassroots tourism and heritage conservation. He organized the BojoAloguinsan Ecotourism Association, where he sits as consultant (pro bono).He is the president of Hambin, a Cebu-based heritage advocacy group and blogs at outofthemap.tumblr.com

Speaker 2: Bernadette Parco
ABachelor of Science in Medical Technology degree holder but a journalist byheart. She is a general assignments beat reporter of Sun.Star Cebu covering church, health, environment and education issues. Before SunStar, she worked for other local and national publications and served as editor ofseveral online media outlets.She has also received various awards and citations for her work in the media. Along with a good friend, she has started a bag donation campaign for underprivileged schoolchildren in Cebu.

Speaker 3: MikyuMaglasang
Her day job software engineer but is an adventure/photography/writing enthusiast the rest of the time. She has been an active GawadKalinga volunteer since 2011, going from one GK site to another here in Cebu and some parts of Visayas to help build homes and communities.

Speaker 4: Doc.Buboy Tapia
Medical educator at the Cebu Institute of Medicine, Kidney disease awareness advocate; blogger behind Even with PKD Life Goes On (www.cebumd.com).

Speaker 5: InsoyNinal
The executive director of Tsinelas Associations Inc., a non-government, not-for-profit organization that gives educational assistance to poor students in mountain barangays and other depressed areas in Cebu. He is also a columnist and a musician. (www.tsinelas.org) (www.insoymada.com)


PayITfwd: Good Deeds Rewarded

‘payITfwd’ is simply spreading the social good with “smart acts” — the good use of technology.
The official PayITFwd page will show you more information about how you or your friend participate in the campaign.

Smart’s Public Affairs Group head Ramon Isberto emphasized in a press release that “this program support, promote, expand, enhance, reward and enable social good efforts.” In fact, SMART has already allocated around a million pesos to be given away to top 20 payItFwd projects of the year aside from the other giveaways and swags in store for those who had participated.

And I totally agree and praise the initiative. In a community where passivity and slactivism is the name-game, it is worthwhile to recognize community leaders who had done something for the community and not for lip-service alone. This will not only motivate others to do good for their communities, it will also institutionalize the “Pay It Forward” culture.


The Bloggers at the #PayITfwdCebu

Interestingly, this time more than 25 Cebu bloggers arrived at Handuraw Pizza Events Cafe to share their time and their passion — “social sharing”.

I am humbled to say that in this event, the Cebu Bloggers once again proved that we are the “Advocates of the community”. In fact, you can check Instagram and check on hashtag #PayITfwd to see how did we fare so far.

True enough, not all bloggers can be community leaders, but all bloggers or social media influencers should realize that in their hands lie a very potent technology that can viralize the sharing of worthwile stories, examples and endeavors.

Everyone has their own strength and weeknesses. The success of every endeavor is not only measured with the sum of all strenghts but with the division of everyones weakness and the multiplication of everyones strength.

Do you know of any community effort that is worthwile to feature? Please feel free to comment, we might be able to help in sharing the cause. And in tribute to those who attended the PayITFwd, I also created a video:

Creation Newsletters

How Affordable Newsletter Development Could Still Do Wonders For You

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Newsletter Creation is an invaluable aspect of marketing your products online. Having a website is just not enough. Making money out of your site’s traffic is a tricky business because you need to consistently expose your target customers to your products.

Developing a strategy for an effective newsletter campaign will help you attract more customers and make more money. However, running a newsletter campaign could be costly.

Importance of Newsletters

A newsletter contains information regarding the products, services and promotions offered by certain companies. A newsletter must be written carefully to draw interest to the right audience. Design is also an important aspect of this campaign.

Newsletters should be sent to customers on a regular basis to expose the customers to the product and services which should eventually convince them to make the purchase.

By setting up a good capture page within your site to allow customers to opt-in to your newsletter you can gather a good amount of subscribers who are all highly qualified.

Newsletter creation is very important because it helps you sustain your market’s interest in your products or services. With newsletters you can:

Attract buyers. There are times when users browse through a certain website but leave without making a purchase. They just visited various sites and were probably interested in certain products but for one reason or another didn’t buy anything. Through newsletters they can be repeatedly exposed to and reminded of those products they have recently become interested in.


Attract more referrals. Through word of mouth, satisfied customers can tell others of how good the product is. Additional customers will be added to the company.


Keep the current buyers. A customer that is happy about the products or services will continue to buy products from the same company. Through newsletters, new products can be offered, and because of the customer has developed trust with the brand, he is more likely to try another interesting product.


Resources you can use for affordable newsletter campaigns

Free Resources

Many companies are now aware of the great potential of newsletter creation. Some develop or create their own newsletters within the company. If you are cutting on expenses but would still like to come up with your own newsletter, there are resources that are free for your use.

The internet is replete with free resources on cost-friendly newsletter development. Search online and you will find great ideas on how to create your own newsletter. There are guides available on how to make one. You can get ideas about the content, layout and other key aspects of the newsletter. You could even find free newsletter templates too.

There are also free software to help you in creating a newsletter. You can choose from an HTML, Text or PDF Newsletter Software. Aside from text, you need to add graphics and colors to your newsletter through HTML software to improve aesthetics. You can try a PDF Newsletter Software as well.

Budget-friendly plans

Some companies might not have the right people, the tools or even the time for writing newsletter. That’s why they opt for outsourced services. If you search well you could find a company that newsletter development services that are within your budget.

If your company has already developed enough content for a substantial number of newsletter series, you can just pay for the design and layout of your newsletter. You would be asked to consider how many colors you prefer and how long your newsletter will be. The great is you can adjust your specifications according to your budget.

Think of which would fit your company’s needs. You may also do your own research about newsletters and decide how you can move on with your newsletter campaign.

If done properly, newsletters have the potential to make considerable amounts of money for your company long term.

Google Mapping Summit 2012 Shirt

Google Map Makers: Mapping the Future Together

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Eulogio M. Empio

Statistician Eulogio M. Empio is a Statistician by profession and a team member of the City Planning and Development Office of Silay.

Eulogio Empio was just another government staff, not until you have seen how his Google mapping hobby that he does once a week, of maximum of one hour per session, has helped Silay City.

A graduate of business management and a statistician by profession, Mr. Empio has turned his hobby into a personal advocacy to advance the City Development Planning Office.

Mr. Empio was one of the main speakers of the Philippines Map Makers Summit – Visayas Leg, where around 70 map makers from the Visayas gathered at University of St. La Salle, Bacolod on April 12 to be updated with the latest developments on the Google mapping innovations.

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), provided the wireless broadband connectivity for the major legs of the event.

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Earth Hour 2012 Official Poster Cebu

Celebrate Earth Hour 2012 on March 31

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Earth Hour 2012 Official Poster Cebu

Earth Hour 2012 is bigger and bolder as ever.

Last year, I and my wife Ayen, were part of the supportive crowd in the busy corridors of Ayala Center Cebu, in candle light.

This year, the simultaneous switch-off ceremonies will be observed in Manila, Davao and Cebu on March 31, 2012 (yes, a Saturday) from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

This year, the organizers is not leaving its annual “lights out” concept. However, this years event offers a more proactive approach by ensuring that communities involve in the campaign is also actual stakeholders in promoting environmental solutuions.

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3 Things You Should Know About SEO

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Success in internet marketing doesn’t happen overnight. If you are reading this because you think there is a quick fix to your websites traffic and conversion problem, you landed at the wrong page.

Nevertheless, I want you to realize that any success in internet marketing via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires discipline, preparation and understanding.

If you are to ask me the three things that you need to know about SEO, here are the three things that you should realize:

1. Keywords are necessary, yet quality content is king. Assuming that you have already chosen a product to sell and identified the target market, the next thing that you should do is start building content. I say content because it is no longer limited to articles. Much traffic is generated also from videos, images and other formats of contents. If these are submitted to key submission sites properly, it can not just provide you traffic. These content can pose the writer as an authority to the topic being discussed. If these contents are properly optimized, they can also provide quality backlinks to the site necessary to top on chosen keywords.

2. Flashy website may be good looking, but SEO-ready sites are best. If you are keen on building sites from scratch, make them Search Engine Optimization and Social Media ready. Why? Because at the end of the day, it is necessary for the site to rank versus the competition. It is better to invest more in the beginning than to revamp it again later. As I often tell my clients, SEO is not about cheating Google or any other search engine. It is to make your site readable and accessible to your target client.

In our online world, we call these process on-page optimization. It is a time in the current site development process where we ensure that the site is following set of rules on how a page can be maximized.

3. You may hate it, but effective internet marketing campaign involves a lot of link building activities. We call these activities outsite the target website, off-page optimization strategies. Name it: forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking and the likes are the basic activities that allows you to leave trails about your site. At some point you need to hire an SEO consultant or internet marketing expert for you to analyze your website or understand your current process and the efficacy of the said action plan in terms of the output you desired. In medicine, you consult a doctor for any medical conditions you want checked. For websites, you need Certified Internet Marketing Consultants.

For more information about SEO and its related services, you can contact your reliable search engine optimization company, or a certified seo specialist near you. You can also post some questions on seo experts contact pages.

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies via SEO for Business (Seminar-Workshop)

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Would you like to grow your business using Internet Marketing?

Do you want a career in Internet Marketing? What is Internet Marketing? SEO? SEM? Social Media?

These and more related topics shall be discussed in a seminar/workshop dubbed: “Effective Internet Marketing Strategies for Business”

The 16-hour workshop, which will be facilitated by no less than Internet Marketing Expert Ruben Licera Jr.



The talk will provide the attendees the following learning’s:

1. The basics of Internet Marketing which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media optimization(SO) and Social Media.
2. The common pitfalls in website optimization.
3. Tips, strategies and tools for better SEO performance.
4. Strategies using SEO techniques for Local Marketing.
5. How to become an expert online on your selected niche.
BONUS: A one-on-one 30-minute consultation with seminar facilitator and Internet Marketing Consultant, Ruben Licera Jr.



Ruben Licera, Jr. is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional based in Cebu City, Philippines. Started his online career in 2004 as a blogger and SEO writer, Mr. Licera and his team is instrumental to the success of online marketing campaigns for more than a dozen small and medium sized companies based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia.



TechTalks.ph is an independent network of business processing and outsourcing practitioners in the Philippines. This seminar will be the first of many seminars that will be launched by the organization to support start-up businesses in the Philippines.

For more information about the talk, feel free to contact Honeylyn Balingcasag at 0917 3085618 and 0923 462 9818. You can also email them at admin@techtalks.ph or visit www.techtalks.ph.


2011 EVENT:

WORKSHOP TITLE : Effective Internet Marketing Strategies for Business Seminar-Workshop
SPEAKER: Ruben Licera Jr.
TOTAL NO. OF HOURS: 8 Hours of Intensive Training
DATE: September 3, 2011 (Saturday)
TIME: 8:00 AM – 5:00PM
VENUE: CebuinIT Training Lab, University of the Philippines Cebu Campus, Cebu City, Philippines
ORGANIZER: TechTalks.ph

Claim your 30-minute Consultation with Ruben CONTACT RUBEN HERE!