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RUBEN BATIANCILA LICERA, JR. is a Social Entrepreneur who has devoted much of his time developing servant-leaders in his chosen advocacy organizations and at the same time empowering clients (business and non-profit organizations) from USA, EUROPE and Australia to make the most out of online marketing, social media and mobile marketing campaign efforts. He is a certified inbound marketing expert. (View my certificate here).

He is proficient in the following SEO practices:

A. Content Marketing – Article, Video and Audio marketing via blogs, social media and mobile websites. Let’s talk and we’ll assist on how we can maximize your exposure in the business. This company assures that you know what you need to know so that you can make your own media and do it. We are also there should you need professional assistance.

B. Community/Social Media Managemen
t – We love people and making the connection. We can help you in starting your own community from scratch.

C. iMAX V (Internet Maximum Visibility)
- The net is currently bustling with users that spends no less than an average of 2 hours per day. Currently there are a Trillion users in the world and growing. Do you want a piece of this possible market? Or, do you want to tap your locality to promote your business? Let us help you make the spot via our Maximum Exposure Plan (Online Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing). Failure to make the impact online is a marketing suicide.


He is also a professional speaker who customizes his presentation according to the audience preference. Ruben’s target is always to ensure that the talk/workshop will move audience to action and make their goals achievable.

Ruben can simply make every complex talk simpler for audience to understand in “laymans term”.

Invite RUBEN LICERA to speak. You can Contact RUBEN LICERA  JR. Here.


 Posted on : August 28, 2010

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