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How Google Improves its Search Algorithm [Video]

The Google Algorithm Search Improvements

Known to practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists that every year Google implements over 500 improvements to its search algorithm. And these updates alone keeps us on our feet to ensure that our clients/customers are always on top of the Google search engine ranking page. You can read here, “We targeting Google Search for Search […]

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3 Things You Should Know About SEO


  Success in internet marketing doesn’t happen overnight. If you are reading this because you think there is a quick fix to your websites traffic and conversion problem, you landed at the wrong page. Nevertheless, I want you to realize that any success in internet marketing via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires discipline, preparation and understanding. […]

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Top and Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

[wp_connect_like_button href=”” send_button=”disabled” layout=”standard” width=”600″ show_faces=”enabled” verb=”recommend” colorscheme=”light” font=”arial” ref=”” /] Social Bookmarking is identified as one of the most used strategies in search engine optimizations (SEO) link building efforts. There are around a hundred of them now, but it only takes around 15 of them to ensure that you have the whole 95% of […]

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