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Steve Job’s Last Words

Steve Jobs and Apple

It often wonders me how technology titan and Apple Founder Steve Jobs think until his last breath. An interesting response to this inquiry is the detailed personal and moving eulogy about Steve Job’s last moments by his biological sister Mona Simpson. In a beautifully written article of a sister remembering the last days of his […]

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Effective Internet Marketing Strategies via SEO for Business (Seminar-Workshop)

Would you like to grow your business using Internet Marketing? Do you want a career in Internet Marketing? What is Internet Marketing? SEO? SEM? Social Media? These and more related topics shall be discussed in a seminar/workshop dubbed: “Effective Internet Marketing Strategies for Business” The 16-hour workshop, which will be facilitated by no less than […]

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Top Free Press Release Sites

Based on my experience in handling a clients off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), these are the most useful Press release sites. They are listed below in any order, as discovered: Links: Only include a link at the bottom of the press release under “related website” Deeplink HTML text: No. Do not include deeplinks. […]

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