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#PayITFwd: Reward for Good Deeds

PayITForward Cebu Program and Speakers

In December 2013, I initiated a campaign similar to PayItFwd. The social media campaign was titled World Blogathon. The said campaign aims to highlight community heroes by providing them a time to present their advocacies to Cebu Bloggers. In return for their presence, these bloggers committed their time to blog and feature these individuals and organizations […]

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How Affordable Newsletter Development Could Still Do Wonders For You

Creation Newsletters

Newsletter Creation is an invaluable aspect of marketing your products online. Having a website is just not enough. Making money out of your site’s traffic is a tricky business because you need to consistently expose your target customers to your products. Developing a strategy for an effective newsletter campaign will help you attract more customers and […]

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Google Map Makers: Mapping the Future Together

Google Mapping Summit 2012 Shirt

Eulogio Empio was just another government staff, not until you have seen how his Google mapping hobby that he does once a week, of maximum of one hour per session, has helped Silay City. A graduate of business management and a statistician by profession, Mr. Empio has turned his hobby into a personal advocacy to […]

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