Is the Chief ESTRATegy Officer (CEO) and Founder of ESTRAT Media Global (ESTRAT X) — one of the fastest locally-grown all-Filipino digital marketing company based in Cebu, Philippines.. COACH RUBEN is a life success coach, a productivity aficionado, a multi-awarded digital marketing influencer, a recognized servant leadership trainer and a purpose-driven business coach.
To “LIVE THE GREAT LIFE“, Ruben Licera always believe in 3 things:

(1) Serving ones purpose in life is the ultimate goal.
(2) We are always the sum of our knowledge in action, and the product of our accumulated wisdom.

(3) The only way to grow consistently in life is to keep learning and sharing.

For the past decade, Ruben Licera empowers business owners and professionals to help them grow their businesses through getting qualified traffic, leads and sales. 

Virtualpreneur - Ruben Licera
 But reaching to this mission was never easy for COACH RUBEN.
He started working professionally in 2000 as a burger flipper, lived in a metro slum for more half a decade, built a career in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, and designed his life according to his purpose.
COACH RUBEN now share these stories of HOPE + ACTION  to help others understand that Life is not only about ASPIRING,  but mostly PERSPIRING. 
 If you’re a digital professional who wants to be a success in work and life; or,  an entrepreneur who wants to grow and scale your business, COACH RUBEN is confident that his stories, insights and experiences can help you create ripples and waves of impact to other peoples lives.