Ruben Licera in the Media

What they say About RUBEN LICERA JR.

"RLCOMM Team worked for me for approximately 6 months. They proved to be very knowledgeable in SEO strategies, always looking for better solutions to our SEO efforts. Good job guys."

− DONNA ABREU, Online Entrepreneur at

"Ruben is an all-around great guy that cares about the quality of his work and doing what is necessary to get the job done, always working for the prosperity of the company. At times I wondered if he slept at night… Ruben is very consistent; I never had to ask him twice to complete a task or to tackle a complex problem. Rather than constantly promoting himself as the manager that get's it done. He gives credit where it's due. In your first conversation his with Ruben his confidence and optimistic outlook will impress. These qualities make him a great person, a great manager and someone you can trust."

− MATT GUNDERSON, President/CEO at SEO and Social Media LLC

"Ruben does excellent work as an SEO. He is skilled at managing a team of content creators and link builders as well. I endorse Ruben for his ability to learn quickly and follow instructions. He has a significant amount of expertise as well on topics related to internet marketing and especially SEO."

− BRIAN ARMSTRONG, Service Delivery Manager at Novell, Provo, Utah

"RLCOMM is simply one of the best teams I have worked with. Will still outsource my company's internet marketing needs"

− MARCUS ATILLA, 24/7 BizSolutions LLC